Rethinking Marxism - Ideology, Interpellation and Subjectivation Rethinking Marxism

Since its inception in 1988, Rethinking Marxism has been a major platform for extending key Althusserian themes, including the debates on ideology, ideological interpellation and subjectivation.  In the pages of the journal, we have published various interventions and contributions that deepened, developed and critiqued Louis Althusser’s initial attempts to forge an articulation between Marx and Freud.  In this virtual issue, we highlight a selection of ten articles, each developing the debate in a different direction, in order to alert potential readers to the rich diversity of perspectives in Marxian theory that appear regularly in the pages of our journal. This selection, of course, is not meant to be an exhaustive catalogue of articles published on the topic in the journal. We hope the readers will browse the archives of Rethinking Marxism to explore other valuable contributions to the debate.

This virtual issue is the first of an ongoing series and will be free to access for until the end of July 2014. For the table of contents of all the past virtual issues, please visit