FERNs 24.4 Feminist Economics

Feminist Economics

Volume 24, Issue 4, 2018

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The Glass Ceiling Puzzle, Legal Institutions, and the Shadow Economy
Bruno Ćorić

Social Capital and Women’s Labor Force Participation in Chile
Ismael Puga and Daniela Soto

Inequality and Wealth: Comparing the Gender Wealth Gap in Switzerland and Australia 
Laura Ravazzini and Jenny Chesters

Segregation and Gender Gaps in the United Kingdom’s Great Recession and Recovery
Giovanni Razzu and Carl Singleton

If Queers Were Counted: An Inquiry into European Socioeconomic Data on LGB(TI)Qs
Karin Schönpflug, Christine M. Klapeer, Roswitha Hofmann, and Sandra Müllbacher

Does Age Exacerbate the Gender-Wage Gap? New Method and Evidence from Germany, 1984–2014
Joanna Tyrowicz, Lucas van der Velde, and Irene van Staveren