FERNS 24.1 Feminist Economics

Feminist Economics

Volume 24, Issue 1, 2018

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Unfolding Patterns Of Unpaid Household Work In Latin America Verónica Amarante and Cecilia Rossel

Gender Norms And The Gendered Distribution Of Total Work In Latin American Households Juan Carlos Campaña, Jose Ignacio Giménez-Nadal, and José Alberto Molina

Unilateral Divorce And Time Allocation In The United States Katie R. Genadek

Sexual Orientation, Sexual History, And Inequality In The United States Christina Curley

Risk Preferences And Gender Differences In Union Membership In Late Nineteenth-Century Swedish Manufacturing Tobias Karlsson and Maria Stanfors

Gender Inequality in Education and Kinship Norms in India Anu Rammohan & Patrick Vu

Women Mayors and Management of Spanish Councils: An Empirical Analysis Carmen María Hernández-Nicolás, Juan Francisco Martín-Ugedo & Antonio Mínguez-Vera