RFEC FERNs 24.2 Feminist Economics

Feminist Economics

Volume 24, Issue 2, 2018

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The Care Economy in Post-Reform China: Feminist Research on Unpaid and Paid Work and Well-Being
Rachel Connelly, Xiao-yuan Dong, Joyce Jacobsen, and Yaohui Zhao

Paid Maternity Leave and Breastfeeding in Urban China
Nan Jia, Xiao-yuan Dong, and Yueping Song

Gender Patterns of Eldercare in China
Xinxin Chen, John Giles, Yafeng Wang, and Yaohui Zhao

Childcare, Household Composition, Muslim Ethnicity, and Off-Farm Work in Rural China
Sai Ding, Xiao-yuan Dong, and Margaret Maurer-Fazio

Stuck in the Middle: Off-Farm Employment and Caregiving Among Middle-Aged Rural Chinese
Shangyi Mao, Rachel Connelly, and Xinxin Chen

Childcare Costs and Migrant and Local Mothers' Labor Force Participation in Urban China
Yueping Song and Xiao-yuan Dong

Gender Inequalities in Labor Market Outcomes of Informal Caregivers near Retirement Age in Urban China
Yafeng Wang and Chuanchuan Zhang

Gender, Low-Paid Status, and Time Poverty in Urban China
Liangshu Qi and Xiao-yuan Dong

Gender, Work Burden, and Mental Health in Post-Reform China
Lan Liu, Fiona MacPhail, and Xiao-yuan Dong

The Gender Pension Gap in China
Rui Zhao and Yaohui Zhao

Retirement and Grandchild Care in Urban China
Jin Feng and Xiaohan Zhang

The Impact of China's New Rural Pension Program on Elderly Labor, Grandchild Care, and Old-Age Support
Qin Li, Yafeng Wang, and Yaohui Zhao