Introducing our New 16th Issue Ethnic and Racial Studies

Launching ERS Open!

Ethnic and Racial Studies is pleased to announce the addition of a sixteenth issue fully focused on Open Access research. The publication of ERS OPEN recognizes that publishing is moving in a direction where all work is open, accessible, impactful and inclusive. Above all, ERS OPEN supports our goal to further expand our growing readership in all parts of the world.

Read the full announcement, published in our inaugural issue of ERS Open, here. 

ERS aims to provide an interdisciplinary academic forum for the presentation of research and theoretical analysis, drawing particularly on sociology, social policy, anthropology, political science, international relations, geography, history, social psychology and cultural studies.

Benefits of Open Access Publishing: 

  • Increased discoverability of your research
  • No barriers to reaching audiences beyond the specialist academic environment  
  • Extend your reach further globally 

ERS Open is an exciting new development for the journal and it will no doubt evolve as the landscape of journal publishing is transformed over the coming period.