Accounting Regulation Key Themes in Accounting Part Two

This collection explores the role of regulation in accounting, through national case studies such as Norway, Denmark, Slovenia, and Malta as well as including discussions on the political economy of regulation and accounting thought. To learn more about accounting regulation and its implications, start downloading your free articles today.

Key Themes in Accounting Part Two - Accounting Regulation

Key Themes in Accounting Part Two - Accounting Regulation

Microfinance: A Reader

Edited by David Hulme, Thankom Arun

This timely book, written by one of the major players in the UK in development economics explores, amongst others, topics such as:

• microfinance and poverty reduction
• microfinance, gender and social development
• microinsurance
• regulating and supervising microfinance institutions.

Topical and insightful, this important text examines what has become a vast global industry employing hundreds of thousands of people and attracting the attention of large numbers of governments, banks, aid agencies, non-governmental organizations and consultancy firms.
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The Economics of Social Responsibility: The World of Social Enterprises

Edited by Carlo Borzaga, Leonardo Becchetti

This book offers a rethinking of the burgeoning research on not-for-profit organizations and socially responsible economics. Adopting a comparative approach, the chapters explore and reinterpret the impact of social enterprises on the provision of general-interest services, work integration, microfinance, and fair trade, and show how these enterprises form the hub of an emerging economy of social responsibility.

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