20th Century Accounting Key Themes in Accounting Part Two

How has accounting changed throughout the 20th Century? This collection includes articles on accounting history in the 20th Century, looking at international case studies such as governmental influences in the development of Chinese accounting, Fascist economics and accounting in 1930s Italy and the development of management accounting in UK clearing banks. So if you want to find out more about accounting in the 20th Century, access our free collection today.

Key Themes in Accounting Part Two - Accounting in the 20th Century

Key Themes in Accounting Part Two - Accounting in the 20th Century

Developing Control Concepts in the Twentieth Century (RLE Accounting)

Lee Parker

This book examines the conceptual development of control in the literature of both management and accounting disciplines, from 1900 to 1980. In order to portray the development of control concepts over time, the chapters are organized into sections relating to the schools of thought from which they emanated and a model of control is constructed to represent each group of concepts and their hypothesised inter-relationships.

The Development of Accounting Theory (RLE Accounting) Significant Contributors to Accounting Thought in the 20th Century

Edited by Michael Gaffikin, Michael Aitken

This book is a resource book for the comprehensive study of the development of accounting thought. It is designed to facilitate the study of the original works and stimulate further study of important accounting theory forbears. It covers:

• accounting theory
• accounting concepts of profit
• financial accounting and the foundations of accounting measurement
• accounting evaluation and economic behaviour.