Key Themes in Accounting Part Two

We're delighted to bring you the second installment of key themes in accounting. To make it easier to find the articles you are looking for, Routledge Accounting have identified current key themes and put together a virtual collection. We have highlighted the best research for the topics below, and better yet, the articles are free to access.

Accounting Regulation

This collection explores the role of regulation in accounting, through national case studies such as Norway, Denmark, Slovenia, and Malta as well as including discussions on the political economy of regulation and accounting thought. To…

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International Accounting

Interested in looking at Accounting from an international perspective? Take a look at our article collection on international accounting, exploring themes such as international accounting education, the adoption of international accounting…

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20th Century Accounting

How has accounting changed throughout the 20th Century? This collection includes articles on accounting history in the 20th Century, looking at international case studies such as governmental influences in the development of Chinese…

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Auditing plays a key role in accounting, but how has this changed throughout the years? Our collection includes articles on auditing standards and services, as well as performance auditing and auditing education. The following articles are…

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