JAEE Best Article The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension: Competence for Rural Innovation and Transformation

The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension

The Journal of Agricultural Education and Extension (JAEE) is pleased to announce the winner of the JAEE Best Article prize for 2017.

The Editorial committee members have decided the prize will go to Alison Sewell and co-authors, for their article “Using educational theory and research to refine agricultural extension: affordances and barriers for farmers’ learning and practice change”, published in volume 23, issue 4, in April 2017.

The panel gave the following reasoning for their choice: “…the authors examined the factors which support or hinder farmers’ learning and they investigated the impact on farmers ‘practice change by an innovative learning program. The research established a range of factors that enhance the potential or that form barriers to learning and practice change and gives insight in the importance of sociocultural and self-efficacy theories of learning for effective agricultural extension programs. They presented current and expected practice changes as a result of the extension practices as indicated by participants in this study in New Zealand.”

The winning article is currently free to access and available to everyone until December, 2018.