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The announcement of the 2016 Journal Citation Reports® (JCRs) showcases more than 30 Routledge Politics, International Relations and Strategic Studies journals which have received an Impact Factor. This strong performance reinforces Routledge’s leading position in the field, and we would like to thank our editors, authors, reviewers and citing readers for making these achievements possible.

These journals represent a wide selection of disciplinary interests across the spectrum of Politics, with differing regional perspectives from Europe to Asia, Policy to Human Rights, Terrorism to Political Economy and everything inbetween. There really is something for everyone in our JCR listed journals and we are proud to publish such a diverse array of research.

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International Relations

Australian Journal of International Affairs (0.859) is the journal of the Australian Institute of International Affairs. The Institute was established in 1933 as an independent and non-political body and its purpose is to stimulate interest in and understanding of international affairs among its members and the general public.

Cambridge Review of International Affairs (0.896) is a peer-reviewed journal promoting debate on international affairs across the social sciences – including international studies, international relations, international law, and international political economy – and between scholars and policymakers.

Defence and Peace Economics (1.068) has established itself as the prime outlet of quality research in all aspects of the economics of defence, security, disarmament, conflict and peace.

Democratization (1.581) aims to promote a better understanding of democratization – defined as the way democratic norms, institutions and practices evolve and are disseminated both within and across national and cultural boundaries.

Globalizations (0.926) seeks to publish the best work that contributes to constructing new meanings of globalization, brings fresh ideas to the concept, broadens its scope, and has an impact upon shaping the debates and practices of the future.

International Interactions: Empirical and Theoretical Research in International Relations (0.767) is a leading interdisciplinary journal that publishes original empirical, analytic, and theoretical studies of conflict and political economy.

International Peacekeeping (0.909) is an international peer-reviewed journal that examines the theory, practice, outcomes and consequences of peacekeeping operations throughout the world.

Journal of Human Rights (1.216) seeks to broaden the study of human rights by fostering the critical re-examination of existing approaches to human rights, as well as developing new perspectives on the theory and practice of human rights.

The Pacific Review (1.000) provides a major platform for the study of the domestic policy making and international interaction of the countries of the Pacific Basin.

The Washington Quarterly (1.096) is a journal of global affairs that analyzes strategic security challenges, changes, and their public policy implications.

Third World Quarterly (1.156) is the leading journal of scholarship and policy in the field of international studies. For almost four decades it has set the agenda on development discourses of the global debate.

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Citizenship Studies (0.911) publishes internationally recognized scholarly work on contemporary issues in citizenship, human rights and democratic processes from an interdisciplinary perspective covering the fields of politics, sociology, history, anthropology, and cultural studies.

Contemporary Politics (0.571) provides a platform for studies of politics that are alert to the international without being international relations, and conscious of national difference without ignoring international context.

Critical Review: A Journal of Politics and Society (0.725) is a political-science journal dedicated to advancing political theory with an epistemological bent.

Environmental Politics (1.992) is concerned with the evolution of environmental movements and parties, the making and implementation of public policy in the area of the environment at international, national and local levels and ideas generated by the various environmental movements and organizations.

Geopolitics (1.112) is an international and multidisciplinary journal devoted to contemporary research on geopolitics. It provides an arena for scholarly analysis addressing the intersection of geography and global politics from various disciplinary and methodological perspectives, and from vantage points embedded in diverse locations.

German Politics (0.789) has established itself as the leading international journal in its field since its launch in 1992. Its mission is to provide theoretically informed perspectives on the changing agendas of German Politics.

International Feminist Journal of Politics (1.246) is a unique cross-cultural and international forum to foster debate and dialogue at the intersection of international relations, politics and women's studies.

Irish Political Studies (0.423) is the only refereed journal exclusively dedicated to the publication of high-quality academic articles on Irish politics. IPS is the official journal of the Political Studies Association of Ireland, the professional body of political scientists in Ireland, North and South.

Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice (1.017) has pioneered comparative policy studies since 1998 and is the only explicitly comparative journal of policy analytic studies.

Journal of European Integration (1.678) publishes articles with a focus on European integration and an interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary perspective, thus integrating politics, European political economy, law, history, and sociology.

Journal of European Public Policy (2.982) aims to provide a comprehensive and definitive source of analytical, theoretical and methodological articles in the field of European public policy.

Journal of Women, Politics & Policy (0.367) explores women and their roles in the political process, covering voters, activists, and leaders in interest groups and political parties.

Local Government Studies (0.930) is the leading journal for the study of local politics, policy, public administration and management and governance.

Mediterranean Politics (1.117) is a refereed journal which brings together research on the contemporary politics and international relations of the Mediterranean and the regions surrounding it.

New Political Economy (1.667) aims to create a forum for work which combines the breadth of vision which characterized the classical political economy of the nineteenth century with the analytical advances of twentieth century social science.

Philippine Political Science Journal (0.333) is an internationally refereed journal and the official publication of the Philippine Political Science Association (PPSA). The PPSJ welcomes articles dealing with the politics and international relations of Southeast Asia.

Problems of Post-Communism (0.755) examines the post-communist countries, which are the most rapidly changing societies of Europe and Asia. For insight into this twenty-first century revolution, there is no better source than Problems of Post-Communism.

Review of International Political Economy (3.452) has successfully established itself as a leading international journal dedicated to the systematic exploration of the international political economy from a plurality of perspectives.

West European Politics (2.512) is one of the most authoritative journals covering political and social issues in Western Europe. It has a substantial reviews section and coverage of all national elections in Western Europe.

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Strategic Studies

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (0.452) engages science leaders, policy makers, and the interested public on topics of nuclear weapons and disarmament, climate change, growing energy demands, and emerging technologies

Journal of Strategic Studies (1.250) explores the increasingly significant field of strategic studies. Since the appearance of the first issue in 1978, The Journal of Strategic Studies has taken a lead in promoting fresh thinking in the field among scholars and practitioners alike.

Security Studies (1.278) publishes innovative scholarly manuscripts that make a significant contribution – whether theoretical, empirical, or both – to our understanding of international security.

Studies in Conflict & Terrorism (1.071) aims to cast new light on the origins and implications of conflict in the 21st Century and to illuminate new approaches and solutions to countering the growth and escalation of contemporary sub-state violence.

Survival: Global Politics and Strategy (1.054), the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ bi-monthly journal, is one of the world’s leading forums for analysis and debate of international and strategic affairs.

Terrorism and Political Violence (1.643) advances scholarship on a broad range of issues associated with terrorism and political violence, including subjects such as the political meaning of terrorist activity, violence by rebels and by states, the links between political violence and organized crime and much more.

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