Manufacturing, Mechanical and Design Engineering Journals

Aerosol Science and Technology 1.926

Chemical Engineering Communications 1.297

Combustion Science and Technology 1.241

Combustion Theory and Modelling 1.885

Drying Technology 1.976

Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 1.167

The Engineering Economist 2.207

Engineering Optimization 1.728

Experimental Heat Transfer 1.522

Heat Transfer Engineering 1.235

IISE Transactions 1.451

International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics 0.938

International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing 1.949

International Journal of Crashworthiness 0.895

International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications 1.018

International Journal of Mining, Reclamation and Environment 1.078

International Journal of Optomechatronics 1.375

International Journal of Production Research 2.325

Journal of Building Performance Simulation 2.483

Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers 0.395

Journal of Civil Engineering and Management 1.546

Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology 1.591

Journal of Earthquake Engineering 1.044

Journal of Engineering Design 1.459

Journal of Thermal Stress 1.493

Journal of Turbulence 1.417

Machining Science and Technology 1.053

Materials and Manufacturing Processes 2.274

Mechanics Based Design of Structures and Machines 1.559

Mechanics of Advanced Materials and Structures 1.196

Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy Review 1.219

Nanoscale and Microscale Thermophysical Engineering 3.182

Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation 0.804

Numerical Heat Transfer, Part A: Applications 2.259

Numerical Heat Transfer, Part B: Fundamentals 1.663

Ozone: Science & Engineering 0.892

Particulate Science and Technology 0.784

Petroleum Science and Technology 0.655

Production Planning & Control 2.369

Quality Engineering 1.295

Quantitative InfraRed Thermography Journal 1.062

Research in Nondestructive Evaluation 1.107

Science and Technology for the Built Environment  0.928

Solvent Extraction and Ion Exchange 2.456

Tribology Transactions 1.685

Vehicle System Dynamics 2.149

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