Economics in Africa

This March Routledge Economics are delighted to bring you an exciting and significant collection of research on the Economics of Africa. With over 240 papers covering topics such as Economic Growth and Africa's relationship with China, this article collection is everything you need on African Economics.

Browse the below subjects to find the articles that fit your research, and take advantage of the free access until the end of May 2014.

Healthcare and Aid

Africa is home to some of the largest prevalences of some of the biggest and most deadly diseases on the planet, but what impact does this have on the national and local economies within the continent.  Articles featured in this collection…

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China in Africa

China is increasingly becoming involved in all aspects of development within Africa. From infrastructure building to the investment in aid on the continent. The following articles explore this growing relationship, looking at the impact on…

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Human Development

What issues are facing societies within Africa?

Poverty, war and rape have all affected human development in Africa which in turn can slow or even halt flourishing economies. To make your research as easy as possible, we have created a…

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