Dudley Seers Prize Journal of Development Studies

Journal of Development Studies

The Dudley Seers prize commemorates the life and work of Dudley Seers (1920–83), one of the founders of the discipline of development studies in the United Kingdom, both institutionally and intellectually. Dudley Seers was an economist who questioned the measurement of development with the single economic yardstick of national income, which he said “avoided the real problems of development”. He also questioned deeply the national accounts data used with such confidence by both researchers and practitioners. He held that reducing inequality was an end in itself, and drew attention to the nature of unemployment in the developing world,

His institutional contributions include a leading role in the founding of the Institute for Development Studies; being the first head of the economic service in the then Overseas Development Ministry (1964–5); and playing a leading role in three ILO Employment Missions – to Columbia, Sri Lanka and Kenya – which had a major impact on the understanding of employment issues. Dudley was a major inspiration behind interdisciplinary development studies.

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