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Social Movement Studies are delighted to announce the winner of the second annual Best Article Prize is Kate Pride Brown, Georgia Institute of Technology:

Brown, K. P. (2016). The prospectus of activism: discerning and delimiting imagined possibility. Social Movement Studies, 15(6), 547–560.

Shortlisted articles this year:

  • Ellefsen, R. (2016). Judicial opportunities and the death of SHAC: legal repression along a cycle of contention. Social Movement Studies, 15(5), 441–456.
  • Chazan, M. (2016). Settler solidarities as praxis: understanding “granny activism” beyond the highly-visible. Social Movement Studies, 15(5), 457–470.
  • Haydu, J., & Skotnicki, T. (2016). Three layers of history in recurrent social movements: the case of food reform. Social Movement Studies, 15(4), 345–360.

The shortlist was drawn up by the editorial board from among the 34 full-length research articles published in 2016 and was judged by Nick Crossley (Consulting Editor), Luke Yates (2015 prize winner) and Kevin Gillan (Ed-in-Chief). All judges expressed their difficulty in making a decision among four very strong contributions but Brown’s piece came out narrowly ahead. Judges noted that the article was ‘clearly doing something different – a genuinely new contribution to our understanding of social movements’ because it ‘targeted subjectivity, not only in order to describe the key ideas and attitudes of movement participants but to locate those ideas and attitudes within a specific culture in which the subject movement was embedded’. 

We congratulate all of the shortlisted authors, whose articles will now be available as free to access for the duration of 2017.

2016 Winner and Shortlisted Articles

2015 Winner and Shortlisted Articles