China: The Economic Powerhouse

Explore the economics and business of China, the second largest economy in the world, with Routledge Economics. This nation plays a key part in the global economy; China’s economy is famed for its fast growth and manufacturing prowess. To highlight the importance of China in the study of economics, Routledge have compiled a virtual article collection with significant themes surrounding China’s economy, such as banking, capitalism, international trade, economic growth, industry, technology and agriculture and societal impact on economy. Within these themes we have selected key articles from our economics and business portfolio and made these completely free to access for the remainder of 2013. Start reading these articles today to learn more about the Chinese economy.

Banking and Finance

Explore the Chinese banking and finance system in our free article collection until the end of 2013. Our articles discuss banking reforms, currency issues, relationships between oil price shocks and the stock market, and importantly, how…

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Capitalism in China

This varied selection of articles includes research on capitalism in China, including discussions on China's economic recovery and market socialism. Enjoy all of the below articles for free until the end of 2013.

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Economic Growth

Examine the contributing factors to China's economic growth in our free article collection until the end of 2013. The themes of technology, the opening of markets and people-power in China are explored, as well as foreign direct investment…

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Economy and Society

How do societal issues influence the economy in China? This article collection looks at themes such as education, healthcare, gender, race and culture as well as how government social policies affect the economy. The articles included are…

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International Trade

This collection examines the relationship between China and other nations in terms of international trade. One key area is the relationship with Africa, which has received widespread media attention. Other topics featured include trade…

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Industry, Technology and Agriculture

How has industry, technology and agriculture made a mark on the Chinese economy? With our article collection you can explore the latest innovation in these sectors, such as green technology, as well as the relationship between agricultural…

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