Changes and challenges in a globalizing world - a virtual special issue to accompany the Work and Family Researchers Network Community, Work & Family

Community, Work & Family

The second annual Work and Family Researchers Network (WFRN) conference theme addresses the issue of changing work and family relationships in a global economy. This virtual special issue of Community Work and Family takes up this challenge and presents previously published articles that explore aspects of this phenomenon.  There is common agreement that globalization processes significantly influence hard systems: production, labour and services.  However, we know less and there is seemingly less agreement about the influence of this phenomenon on human systems, namely work agendas and family relationships.  These relationships are reciprocal and dynamic and it is difficult to disentangle emotional, material and symbolic effects. 

Whilst the task seems daunting, Community Work and Family has been interrogating the intersection of community, work and family for over a decade.  The founding editors (Professor Carolyn Kagan of Manchester Metropolitan University and Professor Suzan Lewis of Middlesex University) noted the need to contextualize work and family debates firmly within community, organizational and international settings. The journal shares a commitment with WFRN to deriving knowledge internationally and across disciplines. 

For this special issue, we have drawn upon recent issues to showcase innovative ways in which the perennial questions of how families ‘do’ work practices in their specific contexts and how contexts shape those practices.  The papers include extreme formulations of ways in which families of humanitarian personnel cope with distance and genocide, to ways in which fertility is structured by policy in high income countries.  One paper explores the strains of work life balance for regular business travellers, and another uses time diaries to explore child-care, paid and domestic work and pressure. The reach of the papers is wide and we use our rich archive to share an essence with you. 

Click here to see the first special issue of Community Work & Family based on the 2012 WFRN conference.

Editors: Professor Rebecca Lawthom, Professor Jennifer Swanberg and Associate Professor Laura Den Dulk 

The articles listed below are free to access until the end of August 2014: