Applied Economics Series

Routledge Economics is delighted to bring you a dedicated page for the Applied Economics Series. This important series comprises of Applied Economics (2016 Impact Factor 0.648) and Applied Economics Letters (2016 Impact Factor 0.478), which focus on the application of economic analysis to specific issues in both the public and private sectors. Both journals have international scope and are peer reviewed.

This is a key resource for researchers of demographic economics, labour economics, business economics, industrial organization, agricultural economics, development economics, education economics, health economics, monetary economics, public economics or anyone invested in bringing economic theory nearer to reality. This page is regularly updated with special issues, spotlight papers, themed collections and more, so make sure you keep up to date with the series by saving it to your bookmarks!

Applied Economics Editorial Board

Applied Economics Letters Editorial Board

Special Issues

The Applied Economics Series special issues bring economic focus to recent world events, bringing you research on the topics you're really interested in. Below you'll find some of the more recent special issues from the series, including…

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Spotlight Papers

Updated every month, Spotlight articles are those articles that the economic community have been reading and sharing in the past month, made free to read.

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Themed Collections

Looking for economic research on a particular subject? We've made it easy for you to find quality content on certain topic areas from the Applied Economics Series with this page collating recent collections, such as…

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Sir Clive Granger Prize

Awarded in memory of the contribution to finance made by the late editorial board member and Applied Financial Economics author, Sir Clive Granger, the Editors of the Applied Economics Series each year pick a paper they deem to be of a high…

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