Call for Editor Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association

Art Therapy

Deadline: August 1, 2017


The American Art Therapy Association seeks applications for the position of Editor of Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association. The journal is a peer-reviewed scholarly publication which has a readership comprised of educators, practitioners, and students. Its mission is to inform the readership of research, recent innovations, and critical issues related to art therapy.

The appointment of Editor is for a 3-year term beginning January 2019. The appointment is made by the Board of Directors with the recommendation of the Search Committee. The successful candidate will begin serving as Editor-Designate in January 2018. The Editor-Designate will be mentored by the current Editor for a period of 12 months (without honorarium). During that time the current Editor will provide information and support to the Editor-Designate to assist in a seamless transition. The Editor may be reappointed for two additional 3-year terms, or a maximum of 9 years. The Editor receives an honorarium as well as some reimbursement for journal-related expenses.

Appointment of the candidate is conditional upon the following qualifications:

  1. Art therapy credentials and active membership in the Association
  2. A commitment to and command of research in the field of art therapy
  3. A record of scholarly publications in refereed journals
  4. Experience as an editorial board member of a professional publication or similar experience (associate editor or editor of another publication)
  5. Managerial experience, which can include running a clinical or educational program, a large grant-funded program, etc.
  6. A history of involvement in and contribution to the art therapy profession
  7. An understanding of and commitment to the mission of the Association
  8. A belief in the importance of promoting multicultural competence in art therapy
  9. Demonstration of the candidate's institutional or organizational support is highly desirable

The Journal Editor position description and application requirements are provided below. The Search Committee invites nominations and applications for the position of Journal Editor. Interviews will be conducted at the AATA Conference in Albuquerque in November 2017.

Deadline for nominations or applications is August 1, 2017.


Job Description

The Editor manages the editorial operations of the Journal by providing leadership of the editorial review board and staff, oversight of the submission and review process, editing and content development for each issue, coordination with production staff, and research knowledge that advances the peer-reviewed literature of the field.

Leadership: The Editor recruits the Associate Editor, Book and Video Review Editors, and a staff assistant, and works closely with them to plan and produce content for the quarterly Journal. Together with the Associate Editor, the Editor maintains collegial relationships with members of the Editorial Review Board and recruits new members to build a diverse, highly qualified board to conduct the review of submitted manuscripts. The Editor also uses the expertise of the Journal Advisory Board for support and policy development. The Editor models good scholarship and maintains high standards of professional conduct with respect to confidentiality, impartiality, fairness, and accuracy. He or she recognizes reviewers for their voluntary service and communicates with them and with the Association through semi-annual reports and meetings at the annual conference. The Editor follows the policies and procedures of the Journal and makes recommendations to align the Journal with current practices in scholarly publishing.

Editorial: The Editor has a clear vision of the field and the role of research and scholarship within it. He or she is responsible for faithfully executing the publishing submitted to the Journal, ensuring that each is given a timely review that follows fair and unbiased procedures. He or she reads all submissions, assigns appropriate reviewers for them, sets timely deadlines, and communicates publication decisions to authors based on informed judgment and recommendations from the reviewers. Together with the editorial staff, the Editor schedules the publication of accepted papers and strives for a balance of content in each issue. The Editor introduces readers to the issue with a scholarly editorial and at times invites content from respected scholars to further the discourse on areas of interest to readers. The Editor works productively with authors and edits accepted papers to conform to the publication standards of APA style with sensitivity toward the reading experience of an international audience. Author and reviewer relationships are handled with professionalism and tact, and unusual cases are worked through with the help of the Journal Advisory Board.

Production Operations: The Editor is responsible for the timely delivery of editorial content to the publisher. He or she takes action to deal with any backlogs of accepted papers, and conforms to the budgeted yearly page count. The Editor is trained on and uses the publisher's cloud-based electronic platform for manuscript review and publication processes, maintaining confidential records that are archived on the system. The publisher and production staff coordinate production with the Editor and seek the Editor's advice and feedback when marketing the Journal and developing its pages on the publisher's website.


Application Procedure

Nominations are invited and should be emailed to:

Required Application Materials:
The following information must be submitted electronically no later than 5:00PM, EST on August 1, 2017 to the American Art Therapy Association, at Please submit a zip file containing the following:

  1. Letter of Intent that describes relevant experiences, qualifications, and editorial vision for the Journal
  2. Curriculum vitae
  3. Three letters of support from knowledgeable scholars or editors who are familiar with the applicant's scholarly work (no personal references accepted)

Confirmation will be sent within 48 hours of receipt of applications.

Final Candidates will also be required to provide:

  1. A sample editorial, written by the applicant, on a topic related to a current trend in art therapy (double spaced, not to exceed 1500 words)
  2. Content editing of a sample article
  3. A statement of support from an administrator of the applicant's institution or organization describing support for the appointment (if applicable)

Interviews will be conducted at the AATA Conference in Albuquerque in November 2017. Please note that the Search Committee will not accept hard copies of the application, or applications received after 5:00PM, EST on August 1, 2017.