FERNs 24.3 Feminist Economics

Feminist Economics

Volume 24, Issue 3, 2018

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Changes In Global Trade Patterns And Women’s Employment In Manufacturing, 1995–2011
Dürdane Şirin Saraçoğlu, Emel Memiş, Ebru Voyvoda, and Burça Kızılırmak

Household Social Mobility For Paid Domestic Workers And Other Low-Skilled Women Employed In South Africa
Ronelle Burger, Marisa Von Fintel, and Carina Van der Watt​

Passing The “Torches Of Freedom”: Smoking Behaviors Of Women In Nepal
Kristina N. Piorkowski and Alok K. Bohara

Reorganizing School Lunch For A More Just And Sustainable Food System In The Us
Jennifer Gaddis and Amy K. Coplen

Who Cares to Care? (In the World of Finance)
Helen Mussell

To Measure And To Narrate: Paths Toward A Sustainable Future
Günseli Berik

The Monetized Economy Versus Care And The Environment: Degrowth Perspectives On Reconciling An Antagonism
Corinna Dengler and Birte Strunk