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Cognition and Emotion is now inviting Registered Reports of direct or conceptual Replication studies. The journal highly values replications and firmly believes that pre-registered reports of replication studies will help to make science more transparent and to estimate the robustness of important findings in cognition and emotion. Moreover, pre-registration will help to protect science against p-hacking and publication bias, and will enhance our knowledge of past findings. In addition, we think it is important to establish the variety of conditions under which findings are, or are not, replicable, which improves further theorising and understanding. With the introduction of a Registered Replication Report section (RRR) in Cognition and Emotion, we follow the route that a number of prominent journals have already taken, including Cortex, Perspectives on Psychological Science, Social Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology, and several others. It should be noted that the introduction of this special section for Registered Replication Reports does not reduce the importance of regular, non-registered, research articles; the RRR section is an addition to the journal, much like our Brief Report section. Furthermore, we realise that pre-registration does not lend itself to all research practices, including secondary data analysis of existing databases, and exploratory research. The regular, non-registered section therefore remains an important outlet.

Registered Reports of Replication Studies

Registered Replication Reports are manuscripts describing the findings of a study designed to directly or conceptually replicate empirical findings published previously. Unlike the more conventional process where a full report of empirical…

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Instructions for Reviewers

The review process for submissions to the RRR section consists of two stages. At stage 1, authors submit a manuscript, containing an introduction and method section only. The stimuli, materials or tasks should be available as well,…

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Instructions for Authors

An initial submission to the RRR section contains an Introduction and a Methods section only, which is first assessed by the Editorial team on the scientific merit and fit with the journal, and the availability of all the supplementary…

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