Depression is an illness that is subject to a wealth of research. The symptoms, causes, prognosis, and treatment of depression varies greatly from person to person. Continuing research into depression is vital to ensure sufferers can get the help they need. This extensive collection from across the entire Taylor & Francis portfolio gives you access to comprehensive and informative articles. View and download from the collections below for free. 


The treatment of depression spans many fields of therapy and can be unique to an individual sufferer. Discover the broad range of treatment used to care for people with depression in this collection. 

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Diagnosing depression very often depends on the individual recognising the symptoms. Research into the biological basis of depression can help further our understanding of depression as well as informing the ways it can be treated. 

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Anxiety & Suicide

Comordity rates of anxiety and depression are high and many sufferers of depression also experience suicidal thoughts. 

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Culture, Age & Occupational

Many external factors can influence an individual's experience of depression. Here you can access articles about the effects of differing cultures, life stages and activites. 

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