Journal of Cognitive Psychology Best Paper Award 2015 Journal of Cognitive Psychology

Journal of Cognitive Psychology

Routledge is proud to announce the winner of the Journal of Cognitive Psychology Best Paper Award 2015

The winning paper was 'Using the process dissociation procedure to estimate recollection and familiarity in working memory: An experimental and individual differences investigation', by Vanessa M. Loaiza, Matthew G. Rhodes, Valérie Camos & David P. McCabe. 

The article was published in Volume 27, Issue 7 of Journal of Cognitive Psychology

A summary from the deliberations:
In selecting among eight excellent candidate papers, we paid particular attention to parameters like scientific quality, broad interest, junior first authorship, and good scientific practice. We felt that Loaiza et al.'s paper was a great contribution. The two experiments were both substantial investigations, the results were striking and clear. The handling editor was thoroughly impressed with the conscientiousness with which Loaiza et al. responded to reviews. It showed a commitment to high-quality work. Their findings have theoretical significance, because they provide new evidence that qualifies beliefs about relations between working memory span measures, retrieval processes, and intelligence, and also have clear practical significance in emphasizing that span measures that better reduce influences of familiarity will allow better measurement of relations between memory span and fluid intelligence.

To celebrate the award, the paper is currently free to access.