Time and Mind Call for Papers

Time and Mind

Time & Mind is a peer-reviewed journal soon to enter its tenth year of publication, and it welcomes papers offering fresh perspectives on landscape, monuments, people and culture – papers that can help shape our understanding of archaeological sites and pre-modern worldviews. Also, papers that explore how modern minds create images of the past, or even how new findings about prehistory can inspire current research on the brain and consciousness.  

In short, T&M takes a ‘broad church’ (and where applicable, cross-disciplinary) approach to matters to do with the human mind through time.

Professor Ronald Hutton of Bristol University has described it well:

“This is a valuable journal which provides a unique service. It brings disciplines, ideologies and perspectives together in the space where archaeology, history, anthropology, religious studies and spiritual practice meet.”

Submission Instructions

Topics can include (but are not limited to) rock art studies, sensory aspects of ancient sites, especially archaeoacoustics (the theme for a special issue in 2017 – deadline for that is mid-November 2016), archaeoastronomy, ancient worldviews, ritual, shamanisms, cognitive studies relating to archaeology or anthropology, neurological aspects, phenomenology of landscape, and so forth. 

As well as full papers, the journal’s editors will also consider shorter Notes (1,500-3,000 words) raising interesting issues or angles, or which report on current research. T&M seeks to provide a creative environment where authors can feel free to pursue lines of innovative thinking and research.

All papers must be original and display scholarly rigour and well-presented information or arguments. They will be subject to initial appraisal by T&M’s international editorial panel. If found suitable for further consideration, full papers are then subject to peer review by at least one independent, anonymous expert referee. Notes are also subject to in-house peer-review but not necessarily by external reviewers.

Interested authors should contact the Managing Editor, Paul Devereux (devereux.uk@btinternet.com), for a basic guide to submitting to T&M.