Essay Prize 2016-2017: The Fate of Metaphysics International Journal of Philosophy and Theology

International Journal of Philosophy and Theology

As mentioned in the Call for the Essay Prize, the editorial board awards two prizes of each € 300. Both essays will be published in the journal. The prize winning essays are:

From the jury’s report: The author argues that the alliance between theology and metaphysical thinking is beneficial for both parties, provided that the fate of metaphysics is read through Jan Patocka's prophetic reflection on the fate of metaphysics after the end of metaphysical philosophy. The author gives a lucid, well-structured presentation of Patocka's negative Platonism in the first part of this essay and a justification why Patocka's negative Platonism may correlate with the category of faith, as a possible object of theology in the second part. The author testifies to an extraordinary command of this subject matter.


From the jury’s report: The article is written in a clear style, and the steps of the argument are small thereby contributing to excellent reader’s understanding. The author manages to show that there is more variation than can be captured by the division between continental and analytic by introducing the schools of pragmatism and hermeneutics as challenging the dominance of naturalism, and the position of the post-analytical continental philosophy. He shows that there is an interest in metaphysics in analytic authors like Putnam and Taylor. The conclusion focuses on the discussion between Putnam, Taylor and the naturalists. In sum, this is  an excellent, well written essay on the fate of metaphysics in a naturalist climate. That fate is examined by reconstructing a three cornered battle between naturalists, hermeneutists and pragmatists on the issue of the relation between ethics and ontology. The author ultimately pleads for developing a perspective from which to evaluate the fate of metaphysics beyond the analytic-continental divide.

The editorial board congratulates both authors.

Walter Van Herck (E-i-C), Joris Geldhof, Cornelia Richter, Marcel Sarot, Petruschka Schaafsma, Lydia Schumacher, Tasia Scrutton, Gert-Jan van der Heiden, Guy Vanheeswijck

November 3, 2017

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