21st Anniversary Editor’s Choice Collection British Journal for the History of Philosophy

British Journal for the History of Philosophy

This special online volume of the British Journal for the History of Philosophy contains 21 articles selected from the first 21 volumes of the journal to mark its 21st anniversary. Making this selection was far from easy. Not only have many excellent articles been published in the BJHP since it was founded in 1993, but we also wanted to give as representative a sample as we could of the range of articles that have appeared over the last 21 years, taking into account that the journal had a distinct focus on early modern philosophy in its early years. We laid down various constraints to help us in our choice. We decided not to select more than 2 articles from any particular volume or more than one on any particular philosopher. We also sought papers that would be of interest to a wider audience than just the scholars of the particular philosopher or period covered. So the selection we have made should not be seen as representing any judgement as to the ‘best’ 21 articles published over the last 21 years. All the papers we have selected, though, testify to the excellence of the work that has been published in the BJHP and the growing strength of the discipline of history of philosophy which the BJHP has contributed so much to fostering.

As well as the 21 articles selected, we have also included ‘An Editor’s Reflections’, which was published in the last issue of volume 21. John Rogers here looks back over his years as Editor of the BJHP from its founding in the early 1990s to his retirement in 2010. It serves as a fitting introduction to this special volume.

We would like to thank the Associate Editors of the journal, Stephen Clark, Alix Cohen, Pauline Phemister, and Mark Sinclair, for their help in making this selection as well as in their continuing work for the journal. We also take this opportunity to thank our publisher, Taylor and Francis, and all the people who have been involved in running the journal over the years, for the help and support we have received in establishing the BJHP as one of the leading and most successful journals for the history of philosophy in the world.

Michael BeaneyEditor, 2011

John RogersFounding Editor, 1993–2010

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