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The Australasian Association of Philosophy, in connection with Taylor & Francis, are pleased to offer six prizes and awards for outstanding authors. 

AAP Annette Baier Prize

An annual prize of $500 for an outstanding philosophical paper or book chapter published by an Australasian woman during the previous calendar year.

AAP Prize for Innovation in Inclusive Curricula

An annual prize of $500 for the development of innovative approaches to teaching philosophy.

AAP Media Prize

An annual prize of $500 for the best philosophical piece(s) published by a professional philosopher in the popular media in Australasia during the previous calendar year.

Media Professionals' Award

An occasional award of $500 to journalists and other media professionals for excellence in the presentation of philosophy or philosophical issues in the media.

Postgraduate Presentation Prize

Created in 2015 for the best paper presented by a postgraduate student. This prize is offered to encourage postgraduates to present at the AAP Conference, and to recognise the philosophical contributions from excellent Australasian postgraduate students.

AJP Best Paper Award

An annual prize for the best paper published in the Australasian Journal of Philosophy (AJP) in the previous year. Browse the list of previous award winning AJP papers below. 

Best Paper Award submission details: To contribute a paper to Australasian Journal of Philosophy, and thus be eligible for the award, please refer to the ‘Instructions for Authors’ page and submit your article via ScholarOne Manuscripts.

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