Celebrating 20 years of cutting-edge scholarship European Journal of English Studies

European Journal of English Studies

The European Journal of English Studies is the academic journal of the European Society for the Study of English and showcases cutting-edge work on Anglophone language, literature and other cultural forms produced in Europe, but open to like-minded contributions from outside the European space. EJES (pronounced ‘edges’) aims most of all to be a space where the various disciplines that make up (and unmake) ‘English Studies’ speak to each other, and where researchers from different cultural contexts and academic traditions come together and collaborate.

Our hope is that the variety, imaginative character and pertinence of these samples of twenty years’ work will inspire like-minded researchers not only to read, but to contribute to a truly cross-disciplinary but nonetheless coherent journal. That coherence comes precisely from both the thematic organisation of each issue, proposed by guest editors, and the inclusive approach we seek to take to both the themes and the angles, approaches and forms of address in each issue – reflecting the multidisciplinary and multicultural contexts in which English is studied. We want the articles to speak with authority and originality to specialists in the field, but just as well to scholars in other fields interested in the same themes.

For more details regarding the selection for this special issue, read the editors’ ‘Introduction to the Collection’. Don't forget to return to this page to explore the articles, which are free to view via this page only.

Proposals for themed issues may be submitted to the editors at any time; the choice of topics for the next volume takes place in each December, with calls for papers announced on the Taylor & Francis Group and ESSE websites and elsewhere in January; for more details explaining how to submit a proposal, the process of submission and review, and editorial policy, visit http://essenglish.org/ejes/.

European Journal of English Studies