Language in Africa: Developments and Debates

Language in Africa is both complex and diverse and Routledge have brought together a collection of articles to glean insights for understanding the controversies, trends, developments and current debates surrounding language and education, language policy and multilingualism in Africa.

Enjoy free online access to the articles featuring in the collection until the end of March 2015.

Sourced from a variety of journals, we've organised the articles into the following three subject categories and we've included a list of relevant Routledge Books:

Language and Education

Language Policy and Reform


What's New in Routledge Books?

Introducing Multilingualism: A Social Approach

Jean-Jacques Weber and Kristine Horner

Introducing Multilingualism is a brand new, comprehensive and user-friendly introduction to the dynamic field of multilingualism.

Adopting a compelling social and critical approach, Jean-Jacques Weber and Kristine Horner guide readers through the established theories about multilingualism. The book covers language as a social construct, language contact and variation, language and identity and the differences between individual and societal multilingualism. The authors also provide an alternative approach to studying multilingualism, introducing innovative concepts such as flexible multilingualism and literacy bridge in order to encourage students to critically question dominant discourses on topics such as integration, heritage and language testing.