KIVA: Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History

KIVA is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a peer-reviewed scholarly and interdisciplinary journal with a regional focus. Published on behalf of the Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society (AAHS), KIVA provides a broadly anthropological and historical platform for studies focused on the Greater Southwest.  This is a dynamic and historically important region encompassing the states and borderlands of Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas and Nevada, as well as Mexico’s states and borderlands of Chihuahua Sonora, Durango.  KIVA seeks original studies or synthetic reviews from virtually any anthropological (including archaeology, linguistics, and biological and cultural anthropology) or historical perspective (including Native American Studies, Western History, Ethnohistory, Gender Studies, etc.).   

Enjoy the free downloads in this virtual issue comprised of past articles. And, consider this an open invitation to publish in KIVA. This is a journal dedicated to presenting interesting topics from multiple angles that will have broad interest and that speak to our moment in history where such things as climate change, food scarcity, violence, migration and border issues are in the news. KIVA also seeks articles by avocationalists and students as this is an important part of the charter mandate of the AAHS.  Finally, KIVA invites non-Western perspectives on issues relating to the archaeology and history of the Greater Southwest from Native American, Mexican, Latino/a, and African- and Asian-American scholars.  

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