Virtual Special Issue – November / December 2017


Editing journals wins surprisingly few privileges, but one of the best (or perhaps the one I’ve enjoyed most) has been compiling these virtual special issues which have appeared in the Journalism Studies Resource Centre since early 2016. In the last VSI (15), I took the liberty of departing from the usual format of selecting articles focused on a specific theme and allowed myself the valedictory indulgence – and great pleasure - of choosing some of my favourite papers published in Digital Journalism, Journalism Practice and Journalism Studies since 2000. Such unbridled hedonism, triggered by my imminent departure from the editorial chair at the end of December 2017, continues with this special issue which simply presents some of the very best papers published in the last six months to illustrate the academic quality, range and originality of research, as well as scholarly, professional and industry relevance of papers published in the three journals. Many of the chosen authors represent the newest and youngest colleagues - chronologically and/or professionally - in our field of Journalism Studies. Their achievements and contributions to that field are already quite remarkable; their potential is even more exciting.

The articles listed below can be accessed for free via this page until the end of December 2017. I hope you will enjoy reading them. For me, it’s been great fun putting this collection together; and not a little nostalgic. It has also served to remind me how much I have learned from colleagues by reading their work across the last 20 years and how much I have valued the tireless generosity and collegiality of reviewers who have shared their thoughts about the work of others with me.

“And that’s the way it is”. smile

Bob Franklin.