Please Enjoy up to 25 Free Articles from Our Entire Art & Design Portfolio

Routledge, Taylor & Francis is proud to partner with CAA, the premier scholarly association for the Visual Arts and Art History. Routledge co-publishes three titles with the College Art Association: The Art Bulletin, Art Journal, and, in addition to over 100 other art and design journals. In honor of the 106th annual CAA Conference, Routledge is pleased to offer readers FREE ACCESS to 25 articles of their choice from our complete portfolio of Art and Visual Arts journals.

FREE ACCESS via the Taylor & Francis Arts Article Pass 25
This pass offers free access to up to 25 articles (allowances) on Taylor & Francis Online.  Each allowance can be applied to an article of your choice from across the Arts category and will offer 11 months of free access to the claimed content. The pass will expire on December 31, 2018.

Please click on the link to activate this offer:

The link will take you to the Taylor & Francis Online home page, where you will be asked to register or log in.  Once registered and logged in to the site, you will land on the results for the Arts category and you can browse to an article of interest.  At the point of access, you will see a pop-up screen confirming the number of remaining allowances open to you and asking if you wish to use an allowance to access the content.

Routledge is committed to supporting the CAA mission of “Advancing the history, interpretation, and practice of the visual arts for over a century.” Please enjoy our wide array of art journals, and consider becoming a member of the CAA community—a network of people who appreciate- and work together to protect- the powerful impact of visual arts on humanity.