Essential Reading List for History

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African History

Asian History

Australian History

Cultural History

History and Theory


Medieval and Early Modern European History

Middle Eastern History

The Modern Middle East

Ilan Pappé

Accessible and original, this third edition of The Modern Middle East includes developments through the Arab Spring and continues to energise discussion and stimulate debate on the region’s history, providing new insights and perspectives on its story.

Modern European History

A Social History of Twentieth-Century Europe

Béla Tomka

A Social History of Twentieth-Century Europe offers a systematic overview of major aspects of social life and ddresses major debates and diverging interpretations of historical and social research regarding the history of European societies in the past one hundred years.

North American History

Bill Clinton

David H. Bennett

Situating the former president in the trajectory of 20th century liberalism, Bennett draws on Clinton's life to illuminate the political landscape of America in the 1990s and the role of the U.S. in the global context of the post-Cold War world. 

Political History

Religious History

The Cistercian Order in Medieval Europe

Emilia Jamroziak

The Cistercian Order in Medieval Europe offers an accessible and engaging history of the Order from its beginnings in the twelfth century through to the early sixteenth century. 

Social History

Childhood and Emotion

Claudia Jarzebowski & Thomas Max Safley

Including a wide range of material and sources such as court records, self-narratives and educational manuals, this collection brings together two emerging fields within cultural history – childhood and emotion – and provides avenues through which to approach their shared histories.

Transnational, International, Imperial

Remembering the Cold War

David Lowe & Tony Joel

Remembering the Cold War examines how, more than two decades since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cold War legacies continue to play crucial roles in defining national identities and shaping international relations around the globe.

War and Society

Ways of War

Matthew S. Muehlbauer & David J. Ulbrich

Ways of War comprehensively explains the place of the military within the wider context of the history of the United States, showing its centrality to American culture and politics.