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Canadian Journal of Philosophy

In 2011, the Canadian Journal of Philosophy turned 40 years old. Much has happened to the philosophical profession and to academic publishing since four pioneering philosophers in Alberta, John King-Farlow, Kai Nielsen, Terence Penelhum and William Rozeboom, launched this journal. But their original intention - to publish the very best philosophy from all areas of the discipline and from all around the world - remains the journal’s aim today.

When our new partners at Routledge suggested that we produce this special issue to celebrate our anniversary, I thought it would be an easy task. How hard could it be to select twenty or so excellent articles from the hundreds we had published since 1971? This somewhat embarrassing thought quickly passed as I explored the journal’s archive. We wanted this special issue to reflect the journal’s founding intention, and so to include articles in all areas of philosophy. But when we considered what we had published over the years, the idea of privileging one or two articles from each area seemed absurd. I even toyed, a little desperately, with the idea of producing multiple special issues, each one dedicated to a single area of philosophy. It seemed that our founding editors and the Editorial Board Coordinators who succeeded them had done their jobs all too well.

In the end we agreed on a selection. I won’t comment on the articles we chose, as they speak for themselves. But I will say that our archive contains many, many more articles as richly deserving to be included in an anniversary issue as these ones. Their quality and diversity set a high standard as our Editorial Board looks forward to another forty years of publishing some of the very best philosophy from all areas of the discipline and from all around the world.

On behalf of our editorial board and of all of its members over the years, I hope you enjoy this anniversary issue of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy.

David Hunter, Editorial Board Coordinator

These articles have been selected to represent the rich publishing history of the Canadian Journal of Philosophy by the journal's Editorial Board, and are free for you to read online by clicking on the links below.