Arts and Humanities Campaigns

The Hogan Prize

a/b: Auto/Biography Studies are pleased to offer an annual award in recognition of an outstanding essay submitted to a special issue of the journal. The Hogan Prize was named in honor of two of the journal’s founding editors, Rebecca and…

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The CAA-Getty International Program 2017

The Art Bulletin and Art Journal, publications of the College Art Association. 

As one of the largest association for professionals in the visual arts, CAA is an organization devoted to fostering an academic discussion about art and its…

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The Journal of Pacific History Best Article Prize

The Journal of Pacific History Best Article Prize is awarded annually for the best article published in the journal. Each competition considers all authors and articles published within the previous volume. The Journal of Pacific History are…

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Luce Foundation Awards Major Grant

The Henry R. Luce Foundation has awarded a $200,000 grant to support the development of programming, network-building, and online discussion around the journal Political Theology.

The grant is aimed at developing an interdisciplinary…

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