Article Collection: Lagos Studies Association 2018 Conference

This article collection has been collated by Saheed Aderinto and Carli Coetzee to complement the 2018 Lagos Studies conference, bringing together articles from across our Routledge African Studies and Literature journal portfolios. Please enjoy free access until 31st July 2018 to influential research focusing on Lagos.

If Lagos is Africa’s most populous city, it is also one of the continent’s most significant sites or locations for production of knowledge. The expansion of scholarship on Lagos directly reflects the quest to understand the complexity of a quintessential African city from all possible perspectives. Scholars working across the fields of the humanities and social sciences have benefitted from the massive body of data, which compels them to problematize the place of Lagos in African studies, building on decades of scholarly attention on the city. The Lagos Conference, organized annually by the Lagos Studies Association, is fast becoming a major avenue to shape the trajectory of knowledge on the city in years to come. Through the work of the conference, the association, and institutions based in Nigeria and the ongoing mentoring and professional training programmes, there is fertile ground to train a new generation of scholars of Lagos and Nigeria more broadly. Lagos is becoming a centre for African studies scholars where the intellectual energies of academics working across multiple fields and disciplines are brought into conversation. These new Lagos-based initiatives also bring non-academic practitioners and members of the civil society—who are also knowledge producers—into serious conversation. The articles collected here are representative of the innovative scholarship on Lagos and Nigeria, and here we showcase the work done by Lagos-based scholars, as well as others from further afield.