Politics, Geography, and Area Studies Content Collections

Virtual Special Issue

This is a time of great flux and unease in urban policy, society, and politics. Established international hegemonies appear to be shifting. The spectre of terrorism looms. Wealth and politics are polarising across rural-urban divides.…

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Virtual Special Issue for IPHS Conference

GUEST EDITORIAL - Gabriel Schwake

The upcoming 18th International Planning History Society (IPHS) conference taking place in Yokohama focuses on rapid globalization and aims to bring forward different scholar perspectives on this theme. The…

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Editor’s Choice Football (Soccer) Collection

With excitement building around the World Cup in Russia, we thought it might be timely to publish a Virtual Special Issue on football (soccer). We have therefore collated a selection of football-related articles that have been published in…

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Focus on the BRICS

With the BRICS summit taking place in South Africa in mid-2018, SAIIA would like to highlight the following articles that have appeared in the South African Journal of International Affairs over the past few years.  The focus of this…

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