Special Issue: Celebrating WFOT in Africa Journal of Occupational Science

Journal of Occupational Science

Welcome to this virtual issue of the Journal of Occupational Science, published in celebration of the first ever World Federation of Occupational Therapists congress in Africa. It features 10 papers published since 1997 by authors from Africa and the Middle East.

While occupational science has its roots in the US and Australasia, it is immensely enriched by global perspectives. The authors featured in this collection have addressed diverse topics, including:

  • Ways of thinking about what we do
  • Occupation as embedded in its cultural context
  • Occupation from a collective, rather than individualistic, perspective
  • The impact of illness and disability
  • Sociopolitical influences on people’s occupations
  • Occupational responses to conflict

Also look for the Call for Submissions to a Special issue of JOS, Occupational Science across the World, which will feature presentations from the 2018 Congress.

Clare Hocking
Executive Editor, Journal of Occupational Science
Twitter: @joccsci