Images in Pathology Fetal & Pediatric Pathology

Fetal & Pediatric Pathology

There are many images that we encounter in our practice of pediatric pathology that are “illustrative” “classic” or “unusual”. These images may be different kinds- an exceptional illustration of a common disease process, a common disease with an unusual presentation, and unusual histological features that may or may not have an adequate explanation. These share the common attribute that in and of themselves may not add additional knowledge to the literature, but are interesting enough that they should be shared with other pathologists.

Fetal and Pediatric Pathology is a forum to share these instructive images. These images should be submitted as color images (for on-line viewing), but must be such that the features represented be visible in black and white (for the printed journal). Figure files should be at least 300 dpi. Accompanying the figure should be a text of no longer than a half page, a legend, and up to 5 references.