The Grubb Reviews Plant Ecology & Diversity

Introduction to the Grubb Reviews by Dr. Laszlo Nagy, University of  Campinas, Brazil 

Professor Peter Grubb, doyen of British plant ecology has had a world-wide impact on critical thinking about plant ecology. Besides his numerous scholarly papers and reviews on various topics of plant and vegetation ecology, he has made important contributions to the effort shared by many fellow ecologists: charting ecology into a more exact and less simplistic phase (Grubb & Whittaker 1989).  In honour of Professor Grubb and his notable contributions to the advancement of plant ecology, Plant Ecology & Diversity is introducing a new and permanent feature of the journal called the ‘Grubb Reviews’. 

The Grubb Reviews are aimed to make substantial contributions to critical and analytical ecological thinking. They may go beyond general syntheses and contribute to debating ecological theory and the supporting or lacking evidence base that empirical studies provide for such theory.

I foresee the Grubb Reviews, or GR for short, to accomplish an academic splendour, treating a variety of intriguing topics as a science publishing analogy to the GRs or ‘grand randonnées’ of France which are long-distance, often high-elevation panoramic walking routes. The readers are invited to take the high road.

To contact the Grubb Reviews editor, Victor Resco de Dios (University of Lleida), email

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