Virtual Special Issue Journal of Mathematics and Music: Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Music Theory, Analysis, Composition and Performance

Journal of Mathematics and Music

As the new editors at the Journal of Mathematics and Music, we are pleased to introduce this virtual special issue, which comprises an attractive selection of freely available papers. This virtual special issue is online for a limited time only. The Journal of Mathematics and Music provides a venue for research on mathematical and computational approaches to music theory, analysis, composition, and performance. Launched in 2007 by the first editors Thomas Noll and Robert Peck, it is the official journal of the Society for Mathematics and Computation in Music. In addition to research articles, the Journal also publishes book reviews and editorials.

Considering the numerous magnificent articles in the Journal since its inception, the diverse readership, and the dazzling array of published topics, it was quite a challenge for us not to select every paper for this virtual special issue. We have attempted to provide both breadth and depth, though this unfortunately necessitates the absence of some topics.

To optimize the browsing experience, we have (artificially) arranged the articles in categories, sometimes including an article in several categories. A mathematician might begin with a sampling of the articles listed under the heading Transformations, Algebra and Topology, and then turn to the methodological essays of Mazzola and Wiggins for a portrait of major achievements, methods, and research questions. A musician, on the other hand, might wish to explore the categories closest to his or her own interests, such as transformation theory, scale theory, analysis, or cognition, and then turn to the methodological essays, or vice-a-versa.

In addition to our selection of papers, we also call attention to the Special Issues listed below. Issue 2 of most volumes is a Special Issue, dedicated to a specific topic of current interest, and edited by guest editors. Their opening editorial remarks, which contain enlightening summaries of the respective research questions and results, are available below. The two methodological essays of Mazzola and Wiggins, for instance, belong to the Special Issue Mathematical and Computational Approaches to Music: Challenges in an Interdisciplinary Enterprise guest-edited by Volk and Honingh, and are accompanied by Marsden’s position paper and several response papers.

Thomas Fiore & Marek Žabka

Scale Theory & Tuning

Special Issues