Celebrating the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute’s Ten-Year Anniversary! Carbon Management

Carbon Management

A word from Michael Gillenwater, Executive Director and co-Editor-in-Chief of Carbon Management

“Ten years ago, we anticipated a problem and crafted a visionary solution. While the physics and impacts of climate change are slowly snaking up on us over decades, we believed, and still do, that society’s response to it would have a threshold effect. Humanity would minimize and procrastinate up until a crisis point, because addressing the global problem would require enormous change and coordination. Given this assumption, we also believed that once the threshold was crossed, humanity’s collective response would hinge on a technical and social infrastructure that enabled effective policy implementation. An infrastructure that enabled many 180-degree U-turns without causing a huge wreck.

It was this infrastructure, the enabling environment for greenhouse gas mitigation policies to succeed, that we saw being neglected. The technical, professional, and ethical foundation for global climate action. GHGMI was created to build and foster the core function of this infrastructure so that international treaty regimes, countries, localities, companies, and projects would have the ability to credibly and transparently manage and track the effectiveness of actions to reduce emissions and enhance removals”.

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, the co-Editors-in-Chief have selected the below articles from Carbon Management for free access until the end of 2017. The articles explore the agenda of COP 23 – the Bonn Climate Conference, held from the 6th to the 17th of November.