Virtual Special Issue on sleep in biological rhythm research Biological Rhythm Research

Biological Rhythm Research

Since the circadian clocks play an extraordinary role in regulation of sleep and wakefulness, their influence cannot be ignored by sleep researchers. The Biological Rhythm Research provides a platform for the scientists from the communities of sleep researchers and circadian biologists to present important developments in investigations of various aspects of sleep and wakefulness. To highlight these developments, 15 papers previously published BRR articles (2013-2018) on sleep in biological rhythm research were included in this Virtual Special Issue. Such approach to paper selection suggests that they are not necessarily better than others published in this journal.

The included papers can be combined into five groups. The first group contains two reviews of studies on relationships of sleep with other physiological functions and circadian clocks. Four papers of the second group contribute to various aspects of sleep timing. The effects of sleep deprivation, sleep displacement and recovery sleep are in focus of four papers of the third group. Two papers considering sleep in adolescent and blind athletes are included in the fourth group. Three papers of the fifth groups are devoted to medical issues, such as diagnostic of sleep disorders, the mechanisms underlying obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome, and the 90-min sleep-related rhythmicity of intestinal motility in constipated women.

On behalf of the editors and members of editorial board of the journal, I invite you to read these papers on sleep in biological rhythm research.

Arcady A. Putilov, PhD

Co-editor of BRR

Research Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics

Sleep timing

Effects of sleep deprivation, sleep displacement and recovery sleep

Medical aspects of sleep