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Routledge offer a wide range of research collections which provide you with free access to the latest articles published in our Geography, Planning and Urban Studies journals. 

Why not read our 'Human World' collection which explores different aspects of society including the economy and crime, or our 'Risk' collection which examines the threats associated with environmental factors such as climate change. 

You can also discover our 'Most Read' collection which showcases the most read articles of 2015, or see which articles have the highest Altmetric scores in our #ReadMyResearch collection.

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#ReadMyResearch Geography, Planning & Urban

The articles featured in this collection showcase the most popular articles from our Geography, Planning and Urban Studies journals according to their Almetric scores and Facebook & Twitter downloads.

Almetric provides an alternative…

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Geography Archives Article Collection

Explore over 200 years of academic excellence with free access to a selection of the top research from the Geography Archives.

Your free access is available exclusively through this web page, so add it to your favorites and keep checking…

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