Editor's Choice Articles 2017 Avian Pathology

Avian Pathology

Avian Pathology is the official journal of the World Veterinary Poultry Association and, since its first publication in 1972, has been a leading international journal for poultry disease scientists. It publishes material relevant to the entire field of infectious and non-infectious diseases of poultry and other birds. Subject areas include pathology, diagnosis, detection and characterisation of pathogens, infections of possible zoonotic importance, epidemiology, innate and immune responses, vaccines, gene sequences, genetics in relation to disease and physiological and biochemical changes in response to disease. In light of the WVPA XXth Congress in Edinburgh from the 4th – 8th September, the following articles have been selected by the Editors-in-Chief as representative of the high-quality research published in the journal.

The articles below are free to access exclusively via this page, and will remain free until December 2017.