60 Years of Technometrics Technometrics


A Sixtieth Birthday for Technometrics

The November 2018 issue of Technometrics completes its 60th year of publication. Our inaugural issue was published in February 1959, under the leadership of the founding Editor, J. Stuart Hunter.  To commemorate the occasion, we are publishing a special 60th anniversary virtual issue in which we will reprint (so to speak, since the anniversary issue will be published in electronic form only) 35 classic Technometrics articles.  For the virtual issue, we have chosen a sample of influential papers that span the six decades of Technometrics. I emphasize the word influential, because the concepts introduced in these classic Technometrics papers are the bedrock of statistical methods and tools used by practitioners in the physical, chemical, engineering and information sciences. Methods introduced in these papers include 2k-p fractional factorial designs, exponentially weighted moving average control charts, Box-Behnken designs, half-normal plots, ridge regression, best subsets regression, Cook's distance, Mallows' Cp, scatterplot brushing, Latin hypercube designs, and zero-inflated regression models. Please enjoy free access to these pioneering Technometrics classics, and more.

      For an entertaining and enlightening account describing how Technometrics came to be in the years leading up to the 1959 inaugural issue and paying tribute to the visionaries who established the journal, readers are referred to the 50th anniversary article “Technometrics: How It All Started,” by David M Steinberg & Søren Bisgaard.

Daniel W. Apley

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