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Literacy Research and Instruction

For the past twenty years, Dr. Jack Cassidy and his collaborators have surveyed leaders in the field about the issues in literacy that are receiving attention and those that are no longer in the limelight and presented the findings in the annual “What’s Hot, What’s Not” column. This tradition has continued into 2017 as twenty-five literacy leaders and emerging scholars were all interviewed either by phone or in person to determine important topics in the field. All shared a broad and recent knowledge of the literacy field, yet they came from diverse geographic regions, worked in distinct occupations, and represented various ethnic groups. Furthermore, included in the group were the presidents or presidents-elects of three major literacy organizations (ALER, ILA and LRA) as well as at least one of the editors of the three most widely circulated literacy journals (RRQ, RT, JAAL).

This year, the co-editors of Literacy Research and Instruction worked closely with Dr. Cassidy to develop an electronic version of the “What’s Hot” survey. Please share with us your ideas about “What’s Hot in Literacy” by completing the survey.