Commemoration, Memory and Remembrance in the History of Education

Heather Ellis

In focusing on commemoration and memory, this virtual special issue (VSI) echoes the theme of the History of Education Society UK’s 2017 conference – ‘Celebration, Commemoration and Collaboration – Milestones in the History of Education’. This theme seems particularly appropriate as  the Society marks its fiftieth anniversary this year. While the majority of articles presented here are taken from History of Education, pieces from other journals have also been included such as Paedagogica Historica, Social History, Scandinavian Journal of History and The International Journal of the History of Sport

The VSI attempts to bring together a range of scholarship in the history of education over three decades with a view to exploring the ways in which thinking about the ideas of commemoration, memory and the marking of anniversaries has changed in that period. 

Find the full VSI introduction here.