Science Activities: Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas is Seeking Pre-Service Teacher Manuscripts for a New Section

Science Activities: Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideas

Aims and Scope: Science Activities publishes innovative manuscripts that will provide teachers and educators with the best classroom-tested projects, experiments, and curriculum ideas, in particular with those which promote science inquiry and integration among students. Journal editors encourage submissions that integrate science throughout all disciplines, including but not limited to English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Performance/Visual Arts, as well as English Language Learners and Special Education.

Submission Method: Wanting to promote high quality teaching across the entire teaching professional continuum, Science Activities is seeking manuscripts that showcase the very best of pre-service teacher educators teaching science.  Content should be grade appropriate, innovative, grounded in real science, classroom tested, and if applicable, original source of activity shall be cited. Manuscript shall relate to the Next Generation Science Standards and the four core areas as well as any appropriate state standards. If applicable the author(s) shall make connections to the Common Core Standards. The activity shall be linked to a theoretical framework. Classroom setup and timeframes for doing the project ought to be specified, and sources must be adequately referenced as well as up-to-date. Authors should address teachers, not students, and may wish to consider structuring their submissions in accordance with the following:

(1) Abstract with Keywords to categorize manuscript,
(2) Introduction and Background with a brief theoretical framework and a central driving question,
(3) Materials list to allow replication,
(4) Procedure,
(5) Observations and Discussion including any examples (photographs) of student work,
(6) Conclusions and/or implications for teaching,
(7) Extensions and Cross-Curricular Applications, and
(8) References and resources.

Manuscript Submissions:

Pre-Service Interns are invited to submit by September 2017 for Spring/Summer 2018 publication.

Please identify the manuscript as a PRE-SERVICE submission.

Please visit the journal's webpage for more information and complete submission guidelines here.

Electronic submissions should be sent to the journal’s ScholarOne website.

Any questions or concerns can be sent directly to the journal’s editor at:

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