The Laws of Education: Educational reform legislation in the 20th century British Journal of Educational Studies

British Journal of Educational Studies

This virtual issue of the British Journal of Educational Studies marks the centenary of the 1918 Education Acts, one for England and Wales and the other for Scotland, and also the thirtieth anniversary of the Education Reform Act of 1988. These legislative measures have in themselves had an immense impact on the nature of education in the UK. There have been surprisingly few articles published in the BJES over the years that focus specifically on these key events, and apparently none that examine the 1918 Education (Scotland) Act in any depth. We take the opportunity to republish these articles in this virtual issue and also to place them in the context of other articles published in this Journal on educational reform legislation in the 20th century.

Gary McCulloch, UCL Institute of Education

GARY McCULLOCH is the Brian Simon professor of history of education at UCL Institute of Education London. His recent publications include A Social History of Educational Studies and Research (with Steven Cowan) and The Struggle for the History of Education.

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