Singapore 50 Years of Independence

It has been fifty years since Singapore gained its independence from Malaysia on the 9th of August, 1965. Before independence, most schools were managed by different community groups. In 1959, a ten year plan was put in place where the government implemented free primary education for all, thus managing the quality of a single system of teaching. Later in 1979, the New Education System was introduced by the Minister for Education, Dr Goh Keng Swee, which included a strong focus on bilingual teaching. 

Singapore’s teaching regime has developed into one primarily focused on the transmission of conventional curriculum knowledge and examination performance. Clearly it has been highly-effective, helping to generate outstanding results in international assessment. Fifty years on from independence, education in Singapore is ranked at the top of international league tables. 

We have put together 10 articles that review the development of education in Singapore, exploring the challenges faced in this multicultural society. These articles will be free to access until the end of 2015 – this significant anniversary year.